Marketing Technician Degree

Career description

LThe Marketing technician degree, provides the technical knowledge in commercialization to top university level, as well as the skill of developing, handling and evaluating projects. The career has three areas of knowledge which are: scientific area, humanistic formation and specialization.
The scientific formation area, it contains the subjects focused on the scientific research development.
Humanistic area:
are basic subjects, general culture which are necessary to possess a solid and integral formation.
Specialization Area: Are the subjects about technical specialized formation that defines the career.

Professional aptitudes

During the career the Marketing Technician, will acquire a variety of skills and knowledge that will lead him to triumphing in the professional life.
It will have skills to develop and to handle systems, to evaluate projects, to have criteria, to have capacity of decision, to analyze and design, to possess an established logic, to handle personnel and to take correct decisions.
It will possess personality, values, disposition for the innovation and the methodological work as complementary characteristics to the professional capacities that it will manage to possess.
The professional in Marketing will develop with the theory and practice that receives the following thing:

Markets Knowledge.
Knowledge referred to the most important languages of the commercialization in the globalization. System structure Skills.
Habilidades para estructuración de sistemas.

Professional jobs appliance

Sales managers, Assistant of Sales Management, Assistant of Marketing, Technical Sales Assistant, Line of Products manager, Market researches, Seller, Door-to-door salesman